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Dad Notices Toddler With 'Juice' Acting Strange, Takes Sip Because He Knew Something's Wrong

The Smith family went to a restaurant in Vinings, Georgia, for lunch after Sunday church services. The parents of 18-month-old Aaliyah ordered apple juice for their toddler to enjoy with her meal. But when they learned what she was served instead, they were upset and in shock.

At first, "everything was normal," Aaliyah's mom, Alexis Smith, said.

Everyone finished their meal. Then, as the family stood to leave. Aaliyah's father noticed something wrong with his daughter's beverage. 

"We were about to leave, my spouse got the juice, it was in the kid's cup, he tasted it, and his chest started burning," Alexis said.

She also sampled the juice and also felt the burning in her chest. That's when the horrified parents realized their daughter had been served alcohol.

Even more frightening, the little girl had already drunk some of her "juice." The mother says she burst into tears as the realization of what had happened and how serious it could be hit her. The parents called the server over, and the server notified the manager. The restaurant manager contacted the owner.

The mother described the owner as very upset and said that someone behind the bar had mixed up labels, leading to the incident. The manager made an incident report and gave the family a free meal. The parents then took their little girl to the doctor. According to the poison control office, just three sips or tablespoons of alcohol could be enough to put a 23-pound child just at the adult legal limit for alcohol.

The mother expressed relief that they discovered the alcohol before the child drank any more. She said she had not heard from the restaurant owner about the incident, and when contacted by the TV station, the manager said it was not possible to comment on the story. However, the manager did say a meeting had been held in which employees were cautioned to make sure drinks were properly labeled. The mother said the little girl's vital signs were fine at the doctor's office and that she was back to normal that evening. Check out the video to see the little girl and what her mom has to say about the experience.

Some parents reported about similar stories on Facebook. One mother said her little girl's pineapple juice turned out to be a margarita and that while the little girl was fine in the end, an ambulance had to be called. A grandparent reported a two-year-old grandson being served red wine by a Colorado restaurant although the parents discovered it before he drank any.

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